Le iscrizioni devono pervenire entro il 20 giugno 2015

1. No entries will be consider without payment
2. Payment can be made via bank to: IBAN: IT28D0608520001000000021905 - DANCE PROMOTION
3. Entries fee include admission for the couple in to Palace of Sport ONLY on the day of competition
4. Entry fee for Italian open championship is 45 Euro for every single competition
5. Entry fee for Professional World Series is 60 Euro for single competition
6. Entry fee for qualification/ class championship is 25 Euro for every single competition
7. Entry fee for WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP is 10 euro per persons groups dance, 45 euro per couples and single each competition
8. ALL couples in Under 12 years (Juveniles I+II) can also dance in Under 16 years (Junior I+II)
9. ALL couples in Under 16 years (Junior I+II) can also dance in Under 21 years (Youth I+II)
10. ALL couples in Under 21 years (Youth I+II) can also dance Amateur Over 16 years
11. All couples in Seniors I+II+III can also dance in Amateur Over 16 years
12. All couples in classification class can also dance in Open Competition
13. Beginers class 2 dance Latin CCC-J / Ballroom W – QS syllabus restrict
14. E class 3 dance latin CCC- S- J / Ballroom W - T – QS syllabus restrict
15. D class 4 dance latin CCC – S – R – J / Ballrrom W – T – VW – QS syllabus restrict
16. Rising Star is a 5 dance competition open class no restriction
17. All the rules and regulation for professional championship is reported at WDC rules
18. All the rules and regulation for IDSA World championship is reported at IDSA rules
19. The Age group is determined by the dates of birthday for both dancers
20. All couples must be stand by 30 minutes before the time publish
21. Registration office for pick up your number will close 1,30 hours before the time of start competition
22. The organizer reserve any rights to change and adjust the timetable
23. Every participant agree and accept the rules and condition that are here publish
24. The organizer can decide to ONLY include Jive and Viennese Walts from the semi-final round
25. The music will be played from 1min and 30 sec to a max of 2 minutes
26. We remind you that the time of competition are approx and is possible that can be change
27. The organizer is NOT liable for any damage at person, items, before and during and after the competition or for any property been lost or stolen
28. All the couples must have they own insurance and must be registed by any federation or organization

World Open

  • World Champ. Choreografic Team
  • Latin American style
  • Ballroom style
  • Gangnam style
  • Free Contemporary style
  • World Cup Urban Street dances
  • Urban Pop dance (disco dance style)
  • Urban Street dance (Hip Hop style)
  • World Cup Caribbean dances
  • Salsa
  • Bachata
  • Merengue
  • World Cup Argentine Tango